06 Oct

Excellence is Key

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Going into its 30th year, The International School of Paphos (ISOP) has plenty of reasons to celebrate, such as excellent examination results,scholarships for the new academic year, growing student numbersand plans for adding a boarding house to the school’s outstanding facilities.Parents, pupils and staffgathered on Friday 30th September for ISOP’s annual Academic Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Deputy Head, Mr Stephan Spies-Gordes, pointed out that the IGCSE and AS-Level examination results from May/June wereamong the best in the school’s history.At IGCSE, 95% of the pupils who had been recommended to take these exams obtained grades A* to C,51% of all ISOP students received A* or A grades and 74% obtained A* to B grades. At AS-Level, where an A* grade does not exist, 36% of the school’s candidates obtained an A and another 57% grades A or B. At A-Level, it was 29% receiving A*s or As and 42% receiving A* to B grades. Mr Spies-Gordes emphasised that these figures compare very well with other schools, both in Cyprus and abroad. “In the UK,” he said, “the percentages of students who received A* and A grades were down on the previous year.So there is a trend, but we at the International School of Paphos are standing strong against it.”

It was also announced that International School graduates of 2016 are now studying at prestigious universities in Britain and elsewhere,includingKing’s College London,Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, York and ETH Zurich in Switzerland. On behalf of the school’s management, Mr. Spies-Gordes congratulated all the pupils, parents and teachers of ISOP on their great success.

38 students received “Certificates of Merit for Examination Success Ahead of Time”, having passed IGCSEs in Mathematics, Greek, German or Music a year or two early. Their results were outstanding, as almost all of them obtained A* grades.

A record number of 52 students who completed Years 11 or 12 in the summer received the International School’s Academic Excellence Awards in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. These prizes are awarded on the basis of a points system that takes into account the pupils’ examination marks at IGCSE, AS- or A-Level.

The International School of Paphos also awarded scholarships for 2016-2017.Based on their examination performance in May/June 2016, the three or four top students in each year group from Year 5 up to Year 12 were rewarded in this way. 27 pupils received scholarships amounting to a total of over €20,000 and were presented with certificates to mark the occasion. 


ISOP was founded in 1987 and has provided excellent educational services ever since, both to the local community and to a multi-national body of students residing in and around Paphos.In 2006, it moved to new, purpose-built facilities in Anavargos. Recently, the school announced itsplans to build a high-quality, luxuriousboarding house right next to its campus. The new unit is scheduled to open in September 2017.

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